Brian Lin

Brian Lin

Design Leadership in Toronto, He/Him

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Asc design director at HelloFresh. Previously director of product design at Lunchbox; director of design at Thriver; lead product designer at League, Uken Games, and Story Arcade. Mentor, design advisor, and speaker.

Titans for iOS and Android at Uken Games



HOW Design Live is a 3-day, online event where creatives from around the world can network, collaborate, and improve their craft.


I speak with Thriver's CPO, Gilad Bonjack to discuss how we approached adapting our teams to uncertainty during the early days of COVID-19 and the central role customers played in helping guide many of our decisions. We speak about the value of returning to fundamental principles and conclude with advice on how teams outside of design and product can go about making more informed decisions.


Melanie Buset (Host, UX Researcher @ Spotify) and I speak about the importance of design process, how and why it's important to allow your team to be autonomously creative, what UX Research can look like at a startup, and how venture funding works.



I spend the hour with Seth Coelen, founder & CEO of UX Cabin, talking about a multitude of topics including what it takes to become a great designer, how to take it upon yourself to prepare for a job in the biz, the differences between junior and senior-level designers, and more.


As designers, how can we better utilize our soft skills to build successful careers? Being honest and knowing yourself is challenging but rewarding. Myself along with other mentors share design stories from the field and chat about why your past experiences will always be of benefit to your design journey, offer practical tips for how to practice being self-aware, and answer questions from a crowd of 180+ attendees. Real talk, no fluff.


Self-awareness is not a topic that is often talked about in design circles and yet, it's one of the most important skills to develop as a designer. I explain why it's the trait I look for most when hiring, how I evaluate for it, and how people can practice to become more self-aware.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Toronto, ON

I drive the (future) experience of our ready-to-eat line (Factor, Youfoodz) of product experiences across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

2021 — 2022

I oversaw Lunchbox's product design and research teams, working to aid the service industry in operating digital-first at scale toward greater growth and customer loyalty independent from third-party services.

2018 — 2021
Toronto, Canada

I developed Thriver's design and operations strategies, working with other members of senior leadership to define the product roadmap; identifying critical touchpoints, how they tie into ways people experience Thriver, and the opportunities that lie therein.

In 2020, I helped shift a heavily ops and sales-led business to a smaller, more agile design and product-led organization during the pandemic.

2018-2020 - UX Lead. Core platform IA & design systems, end-to-end booking, marketplace optimization, vendor portal, ethical hiring practices.

2016 — 2018
Toronto, Canada

I maintained and improved day-to-day design operations while executing mission critical initiatives; during my tenure, the design org grew from 1 generalist team post-Series A to 3 dedicated feature teams leading up to Series B, driving design strategy for both CA & US markets.

My contributions across multiple teams and feature areas resulted in a NPS score 7x over industry average; 60%+ engagement with the product per month; and increased customer enrolment 2x over industry standard.

2013 — 2016
Toronto, Canada

I developed and executed design-led features from ideation to product launch. I also started the design internship program, hiring and mentoring 4 UX interns from uWaterloo, George Brown, and York-Sheridan during my tenure.

Led the design of two successfully launched titles: Sky Tactics and Titans on iOS and Android, the latter of which was awarded 'BEST NEW APP' in over 100 countries.

2012 — 2013
Design Director at Story Arcade
Toronto, Canada

Story Arcade was a boutique product agency focused on helping local small businesses and startups create and launch their online businesses through rapid week long sprints over a period of 6 weeks.

In addition, we helped connect hundreds of creatives and developers to our clients in the city, fostering connection and growth in our local communities.

2012 — 2012
Digital Art Director at Brandworks International Inc
Toronto, Canada

Acquired by One Advertising.

2010 — 2012
Art Director at Cylinder 8
Toronto, Canada
2010 — 2010
2004 — 2006
Graphic Web Designer at Henderson Bas Kohn
Toronto, Canada
2002 — 2003
Designer at Blast Radius
Toronto, Canada
Titans, Best New Apps from Apple


2006 — 2010
Toronto, Canada

New Media

2002 — 2003
Toronto, Canada

Graphic Design, Advertising


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