Brian Lin

Design & Leadership

Toronto, ON

My recent work has helped people find greater joy in the workplace, brought health and wellness to the forefronts of their minds, made access to meals easier, and put a lot more money back in restaurants’ pockets during the pandemic.

Over 20 years building compelling experiences, narratives, and teams for brands across the globe.

Notable numbers


YoY growth in average order rate in 2023 for


Average App and Play store rating for

Becoming the fastest growing brand in HelloFresh Group’s history.

With over 117,000 ratings from North America across both platforms.


USD saved for restaurants since 2022 on


Over the health insurance industry’s NPS standard for


USD series B raised for

That’s ~6% more per client compared to Uber Eats or DoorDash.

Rewarding preventative health activity pushed engagement above 60% month over month.

Including an end-to-end rebrand and an operationalized PLG ways of working model.

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Brian is one of the rare individuals who sees the forest and the trees, always taking the larger strategic and business context into consideration when working on design hands-on or with designers on his team.

Anna Trushkina, Director of Product @ HelloFresh

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HelloFresh — reimagining what’s possible for ready-to-eat meals across the globe


Lunchbox — defining replicable first-party ordering experiences for delivery, takeout, and dine-in


Thriver — modernizing how workplaces discover services and manage vendor relationships


League — incentivizing self-care to improve preventative health outcomes resulting in lower insurance premiums